About Us

Culture's Compass

Culture's Compass was created by Humber Students for the benefit of the arts community. It seeks to highlight themes which are relevant to the current arts and culture climate, as well as highlight and celebrate the accomplishments of industry professionals and artists. Culture’s Compass is not only an initiative that brings together the arts and culture communities, but a space to innovate and envision the future possibilities of the arts.

Who we are

We are a diverse group of Humber students tasked with creating an impactful digital experience, highlighting stories of artist resilience and perseverance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leveraging our multifaceted skillset we created a digital platform to accommodate the arts. Collectively, we directed and edited video shorts for our documentaries, planned digital outreach campaigns using in-house marketing deliverables, and utilized our research and creative skills to craft infographic resources.

Culture's Compass 2021 Team

Member profile picture - Juan Sebastian Laverde

Juan Sebastian Laverde

Programming and Logistics Coordinator

JuanSe believes art is a vehicle to change society. He is a Film Producer/Arts administrator whose work showcases initiatives done in the cultural sector and the creative industries.

JuanSe works in creating digital content for not-for-profit organizations, helping them grow and pursue their goals to give back to their communities.

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Member profile picture - Tatiana Huertas

Tatiana Huertas Medina

Web Designer and Production Coordinator

Tati is skilled in Web Design and Web Development (Front End). She wants to provide the best navigation experience, digital accessibility and inclusivity (UI/UX Design).

Her passion for solving problems and sustainability has brought her to new challenges and inspirations. Tati’s goal is to help others through her work.

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Member profile picture - Year Choi

Yera Choi

Marketing & Branding Officer

Yera is the marketing & branding officer for Culture’s Compass, studying Media Communications at Humber College.

She is excited to work with the wonderful team and contribute to the art and cultural industry community.

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Member profile picture - Jordana Bain

Jordana Bain

Visual Storyteller Producer

Jordana is a filmmaker that has had the opportunity to work in the creative playground known as the film industry.

She has carried love and interest for many arts, but knew storytelling was the perfect career path for her. Jordana now focuses her talents on producing stories that leave a lasting impression on an audience.

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Member profile picture - Shawn Wilton

Shawn Wilton

Research & Communications Officer

Shawn is an experienced digital marketer & content strategist with a passion for storytelling and a deep appreciation for digital art.

Always seeking new experiences, he recently moved across the province and spends his evenings exploring the city and his weekends hiking with his brother.

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Steering Committee

Culture's Compass is a student led experience supervised and produced by the following Humber Centre for Business Innovation staff.

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Jennifer Gordon

Director of Centre for Creative Business Innovation and Humber Galleries

Jennifer Gordon holds a studio BFA in Drawing & Painting and a BEd in I/S Visual Arts & English, both from the University of Ottawa. Currently, she is a Master of Fine Arts Candidate in Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia. An advocate for sustainable growth in the Canadian arts and cultural sectors, Jennifer has held roles in business development and training, arts administration, and consulting.

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Member profile picture

Kyla Ross

Coordinator for Centre for Creative Business Innovation and Humber Galleries

Kyla is a visual artist and arts administrator with an interest in strategic, creative, and social innovation, inter-disciplinary collaboration, public art and community-based arts. Kyla leads and oversees projects and initiatives for the CCBI and Humber Galleries. Kyla has been working in post-secondary education and not-for-profit environments developing and managing complex inter-disciplinary and multi-faceted projects from start to finish for more than 5 years.

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Organizing Team Members

Member profile picture

Hana Glaser

Project Coordinator & Lead Culture's Compass Producer

Hana is an arts administrator seeking to enhance the future of the creative industries locally and globally.  Having worked across the arts through Festivals, Visual Arts, Dance, Education, and Film, her work is rooted in how experiences create change. More specifically, Hana seeks to increase representation and accessibility in the arts while decolonizing them.

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Natalka Duncan

Project Coordinator

Natalka Duncan is an Arts Administrator and has worked as a Project Coordinator for the CCBI for over a year. She works as a Music Lessons Coordinator at Long & McQuade, and is a recent graduate of Humber College's Cultural Management program. In her BA, Natalka took in as much cultural learning as she could, focusing on  Literature, Music, Art History, and Theatre.

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Kristen Turner

Project Coordinator

Kristen is a UX Designer who works to create digital experiences that compliment everyday life.

With a background in cognitive neuroscience, she is an advocate for ethical, accessible research and design in her work, and constantly seeks to improve her skills and knowledge in these areas.

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