Culture's Compass was created by Humber Students for the benefit of the arts community. It seeks to highlight themes which are relevant to the current arts and culture climate, as well as highlight and celebrate the accomplishments of industry professionals and artists. Culture’s Compass is not only an initiative that brings together the arts and culture communities, but a space to innovate and envision the future possibilities of the arts.

A group of people working together on a whiteboard with sticky notes in groups.
A blurred image of a laptop with a video call, with a plant in the foreground in focus.
A birds-eye-view of a table with laptops, a kettle, coffees, snacks, and various chargers laid out.

Our Purpose & Mission

Art is a from of self expression that can be communicated through many different mediums. Committed to showcasing the value that the arts bring to community and people’s lives, Culture’s Compass aims to provide an outlet for educational creative output through knowledge sharing, conversation, and performance.

Our mission is to continuously host discussions on how we can make the arts and cultural sector better for everyone through inclusion, diversity, policy work, representation, cultivating spaces, financing, and more. Our hope is that these discussions not only raise awareness about issues within the industry but also inspire change.

“The Culture's Compass conference provided new information, and
introduced us to many new ideas!”

Art Administrator