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Steering Commitee
Culture's Compass is a student-lead experience
supervised and produced by the following
Humber Centre for Creative Business Innovation staff.
Smiling, white woman with long, grey hair and brown eyes. She's wearing a button-up floral-patterned shirt with a lavender blazer over top.
Jennifer Gordon

Director of Centre for Creative
Business Innovation and
Humber Galleries

Jennifer Gordon holds a studio BFA in Drawing & Painting and a BEd in I/S Visual Arts & English, both from the University of Ottawa. Jennifer has
a Master of Fine Arts Candidate in
Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia.

An advocate for sustainable growth in the Canadian arts and cultural sectors, Jennifer has held roles in business development and training, arts administration, and consulting.

Smiling, white woman with hazel eyes and shoulder-length brown hair with blonde highlights. She's wearing a black shirt with a dark blue blazer over top.
Kyla Ross

Coordinator for Centre for Creative
Business Innovation and
Humber Galleries

Kyla is a visual artist and arts administrator with an interest in strategic, creative, and social innovation, inter-disciplinary collaboration,
public art and community-based arts.

Kyla leads and oversees projects and initiatives for the CCBI and Humber Galleries. Kyla has been working in post-secondary education and not-for-profit environments developing and managing complex inter-disciplinary and multi-faceted
projects from start to finish for more than 5 years.

"To be given the freedom
to design and create has
made this experience
truly memorable."
Alisha B
Media Communications Grad, Humber College
Organizing Team Members
Latina woman with curly, dark brown hair. She's in a black shirt and wearing mauve-purple lipstick. Her earrings are wire, molded to look like an artistic sketch of a face.
Hana Glaser

Project Coordinator & Lead
Culture's Compass Producer

Hana is an arts administrator seeking to enhance the future of the creative industries locally and globally. Having worked across the arts through Festivals, Visual Arts, Dance,Education, and Film, her work is rooted in how experiences create change.
More specifically, Hana seeks to increase representation and accessibility in the arts while decolonizing them.

White woman with wavy, shoulder-length brown hair, blue eyes and freckles across her cheeks and forehead.

Project Coordinator

Kristen is a UX Designer who works to create digital experiences that compliment everyday life.

With a background in cognitive neuroscience, 
she is an advocate for ethical, accessible research and design in her work, and constantly seeks to improve her skills and knowledge in these areas.

"It was inspiring to collaborate
with students from different
programs and see our skills
support one another to develop
this conference."
Lillian JT
UX Design Student, Humber College

2022 Fellows

Young woman with tan skin and shoulder-length hair with blonde highlights. She is wearing a black tank-top.
Adriana Monestime

Marketing, Branding Coordinator

Adriana is a Humber graduate
of the Advertising and Marketing Communications program.

With a passion for marketing and love for being creative, she truly pours her heart and soul into every project.

A portrait of a multiracial woman smiling with her hair combed into a braided ponytail photographed against a solid light gray background.
Alisha Bowden

Marketing, Branding Coordinator and Web Dev

Alisha is a recent honours graduate
of Humber College’s Media Communications program.
She enjoys creating graphic design projects, sketches and illustration pieces.

Alisha has always been fascinated by the arts and the many different forms
it carries; this placed her on a journey
of wanting to be a part of the creative industry to conduct bold moves.

A portrait of a multiracial woman with dark brown and golden curls at neck length looking into the camera against a dark gray solid background.
Lillian James Taei

Logistics Coordinator
and Web Dev

Lillian is pursuing a bachelor's degree in User Experience design with a background in graphic design and media communications.

Lillian is passionate about creative problem-solving and exploring various solutions with the user in mind for online and offline experiences.

A portrait of a caucasian woman with brown hair smiling wearing a black shirt and gray blazer against a concrete background.

Programming and Logistics

Maya is an arts management student with a background in arts and culture studies. She has held a variety of positions in arts organizations in Kingston, St. Catharine's and
Toronto and is passionate about creating access to the arts and supporting emerging artists.

A young woman with long, dark hair tucked behind her in a shiny, black tank-top style shirt with a collar.

Programming and Logistics

Nathalie is a Fashion Management student with experience in the business and entrepreneurship field.

With a profound passion for fashion and sustainable practices, Nathalie has developed her knowledge in fashion design, illustration, and innovation.

A portrait of a south asian woman smiling with black hair at her shoulders wearing a blue sleeveless dress shirt with a blurred background surrounded in nature.

Programming and Logistics

Shikha is a student pursuing a degree in Arts Administration and Cultural Management. She has worked in the arts professionally for over ten years as a performer, arts administrator, and in roles related to Arts-in-Education.
She has directed and performed in various dance and theatre productions, as well as acted in short films and commercials.

She aspires to engage with artists and communities to explore the exponential possibilities of the performing arts in order to achieve a better understanding of Canadian socio-cultural challenges.

Our past team members

Mikita Arlou
Alonso Rodriguez
Finance Coordinator
Amanda Singh
Programming Officer
Julien Rutherford
Marketing Officer
Communications Manager
Natalka Duncan
Logistics Coordinator
Polly Summerhayes
Programming Officer
Rachel Newton
Reporting and Data Management
Hana Glaser
Kristen Turner
Jordana Bain
Visual Storyteller Producer
Juan Sebastian Laverde
Programming and Logistics Coordinator
Shawn Wilton
Research and Communications officer
Tatiana Huertas Medina
Web Designer and Production Coordinator
Yera Choi
Marketing and Branding Officer